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MagTapp's Magic

Say goodbye to the usual monetization headaches. We're all about blending content enhancement with revenue generation. How? By weaving visual meaning into your words. Imagine your keywords brought to life with relevant images. Not only does it make your content pop, but it creates prime ad space, managed seamlessly by our in-house ad network.

How MagTapp Stands Out?

Ditch the old, embrace the new. MagTapp is the path to monetization success that your website deserves. Turn your platform into a captivating, revenue-generating machine.

Innovate Monetization

image We're changing the rules, making revenue generation part of the content experience.

Engage like never before

image Visual context transforms readers into engrossed participants.

More than ads

image We're crafting revenue opportunities from your content's core.

Your Brand, Your Way

image You're in control of what your audience sees, maintaining brand integrity.

Zero Hassle

image Our tech blends smoothly with your system – no headaches, just results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is API integration?

    Magtapp's API allows users to access the One Tap Visual Meaning Feature on other websites, along with Antonyms and Synonyms of the word. Our AI based AdTech platform which helps publishers to earn extra revenue through our API partnership program.

  • What is the process of API integration?

    Integration :- Visual meaning integration on website
    Performance:- See the performance of visual meaning on your site
    Monetization :- Enable Monetization from our Ad Partners.

  • Why should your site be integrated?

    Magtapp’s API offers an exclusive feature called “One Tap Visual Meaning”, which helps readers to understand the meaning of a word visually by simply tapping on it. With this feature, readers can spend more time on your article, and engage with your content in a more immersive way.

  • Is Magtapp charging any type of amount?

    Magtapp does not charge any amount, it is an earning platform where you can earn through your website

  • Is it affecting your ads monetization revenue?

    You can be assured that integrating Magtapp's API will not affect your current Ads monetization, since we do not run ads in that space.

  • Where can you find your revenue report?

    Our support team will provide you with your admin login credentials so that you can view your report.

  • How heavy is the JS code?

    It loaded almost instantly once it was cached. We are using a CDN to serve it

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